Welcome to the Gallery of BC Ceramics - Representing the Best of BC Ceramics

A gallery by potters for potters, the Gallery of BC Ceramics is owned and operated by the non-profit society Potters Guild of British Columbia. The Gallery furthers the PGBC mandate of education and encouraging new talent while providing a venue for ceramic artists to sustain a livelihood as potters.

The Gallery of BC Ceramics has been showcasing high quality juried ceramics for nearly 25 years in its exhibition space and juried retail shop on Granville Island.

The Gallery:

  • is owned and operated by the Potters Guild of BC.
  • represents the Best of BC ceramics
  • showcases the talent and diversity of BC Potters from functional ceramics to sculptural fine art.

The term ceramics embodies a wide range of ceramic mediums including: porcelain, clay, stoneware and pottery.

Gallery staff is knowledgeable, friendly and available to guide customers. The frequent turnover in exhibits and stock means that even a regular visitor is constantly surprised by what’s on display.

original design by Mireille Dijks and Jasna Sokolovic/revised 2009 by Linda Lewis and Don Jung